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What happened to my.. BLOGROLL?

Anyone willing to help?




Hey peeps!

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Okay, So I’ve kinda shifted my blog to blogspot.


 I’ll maintain this blog as well, So you can link both :p

Only if you want to.

My blogspot blog.

Thanks! =)

Link me kay?


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Days have been tough for me. I have been trying to strike a balance between my studies, relationship with God and with friends and family, and my health. My health have been not-so-good lately.

Besides that, I’m really enjoying life now regardless of whatever that comes my way. I have finally learn something so valuable. 🙂

I just realised how much my parents love me. I mean I realised it long ago but this is different. I have always failed to understand their nags and their long lectures. I would have learnt a lot more if I have been not- so- oblivious to their nags and comments. I mean I always thought I was smart and Miss-Lil-know-it-all. The truth is, little do I know compared to my parents. There is a Chinese saying ‘They(my parents)have eaten more salt than I have eaten rice’. I’m pretty sure you people are familiar with that saying.

It was only now that I realised that what my parents lectured me about in the past are worth millions(or perhaps more). Wait.. You can’t buy it. Their lectures have a special ingredient.. love.. It’s true. Their intentions are pure and not self-glorifying nor for their own benefit. Plus, whenever they teach me, it’s time consuming. They rather take the trouble to teach me and put up with my arrogance instead of watching tellie or baking or cooking..etc..

Their teachings are to get me ready for the future. When I am forced to leave my comfort zone. Mommy and Dada,I lovee you 🙂

 The fact is, no one is going to teach me what is right and wrong when I leave home.

This is when mommy and dada’s teachings will come in handy.

As some of you know, I have some health problems. Mommy and dada were there for me through it all. When I cired, when I went into depression. They gave up a lot for me. Spending extra money for my needs and spending less on themselves.

 Love you lots mom n dada,

Your Miss-lil-know-it-big-baby-girl



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People, pictures turned out all wrong. Will edit it when I have time.

A night out with Sarah.

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Well, like Sarah said in her blog, we were like mindless people wandering in the mall at 10 something when 90% of the shops were closing.

Porridge and coffee was good :p

Gota work out to burn those extra calories though- Sarah’s recommendation is to jog up maxwell hill. -.-

Haha. I’m sure the sight would worth thousands.

It was good to meet up with you, Sarah after so long. It was that long that you couldn’t even recognise me. Blame it on my new disastrous haircut. exhales.

The Archade was worth my 10 bucks :p I just realised I really suck at dancing. Hmm.. Maybe we can try again when i next visit KL kay Sarah??


Oh yeah. The craziest part was when we went to the ladies and Sarah was really facinated with the amount of mirrors around us. Then we did what we do best .. MUAHAHA.

sarah and isarah and i

Toldya we’e good at this :p *perasaan perasaan*

us again


Did the coffee make poor Sarah drunk? lol


You’re just another stranger i met.

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Who are you to judge?
When you only see the surface of me.
Who are you to judge?
When we only knew each other recently.

Who are you to hurt?
When you said those cruel words.
Who are you to hurt?
When all you thought was yourself.

Who are you?
When I only saw you twice.
Who are you?
When all I hear are your hidden voices from your messages.

Who are you to me?
After you have said those hurtful words.
Who are you to me?
When all is left is the image of your face.
Who are you to me?
You’re just another stranger I met…

Okay, I suck at writing this kinda stuff -.-

People,pls dont take this personal. Don’t worry. It’s not meant for my fellow bloggers.

There goes my hair :(

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I’m suppose to be happy right? I mean I got a free hair cut..

Okay , it’s just the fringe.. so what.. I look like a toot now. LOL..

Here’s how the story goes.

I wanted to follow the fashion by cutting my fringe. Thought I could save some money, I asked someone (not a hairdresser) to cut it for me. I clearly remember telling her, ‘ Not too short..Below my eyebrows..’..

The ‘someone’ snipped off a part of my fringe, and it sprang upwards.. It became so SHORT!!

Mum rushed me to the hair doctor to save whatever that is left.

Now,i look like this


Are you laughing now? Well, the moral of the story is..

Always let a hair professional cut yr hair. You don’t want to end up like me me me me 😦


Oh yeah, did I mention that the hairdresser had mercy on me and cut my hair for free? LOL.

Oh well, at least i still got my free haircut..

(positive thoughts)

sighs *exhales*exhales*